The participants can be confirm in different ways.

  1. With the scanner (with german license) 
    Scan the barcode on the license.
  2. Trough "Registration desk"
    In the menu on the left side is the "Registration desk"
    Here all participants of the tournament can be seen.
  3. Trough "Participants"
    For each competition is a button "Participants"
    Here it is possible to edit the participants.

To confirm an athlete click Absent.png. If the athlete is confirmed it looks like  Present.png. To redo click on it again.

In "Participants" there are more options

Present big.pngAbsent big.pngWaiting big.png

Overview of the participants in the competition (Waiting is only relevant if there eis a quota)

search in participants.png   Search in participants e.g. if one has to be removed 

add participant.png If an athlete has to be registered the day of competition fill in the name click on "Register" and select                                

  the one needed.

Reload initial seeding again.png If a ranking was added/altered after uploading the participants, please click here to reload the seeding.

All participnats are present.png     Confirmed every patricians in this competition.

Remove all absent.png                 Removes all not confirmed participants, can be used after the scratch time.

Coach warning.png                    Every coach warning has to be entered. It will be printed automatically on the scoresheets.

Upload picture zip.png                  Only necessary if using the FMA-21 scoring machines. For FIE Tournaments: The Picture ZIP is available on the FIE


Participants download images.png Only needed when working with two servers.

Edit participant.png                                           If there is a mistake, e.g. in the name/ handness,  change it here. Please send the mistake to

                                            We will change it in the data base.

Palmares.png                                           Palmares: Enter the pal mares for the final presentation. They can be shown though in-Venue-Displays.

Coach.png                                          Enter the coaches for the finalists, then you can printout a coach diploma.

Medical break.png                                         Enter each medical break. They will be printed automatically on the scoresheets.

Upload image.png                                         Upload an image for the participant. (Only necessary with FMA-21 scoring machines)

Edit initial seeding.png                                         Edit initial seeding

Edit final rank.png                                         Edit final rank

Unpaid.png                                         If wanted the payment of entry fee can be managed in Ophardt Online.

Paid.png                                         When the buttons is red it is not paid yet, if it is green, it is.

Receipt.png                                         Print out a receipt for the fencer. It is posible to print out all receipts at once. Go to Reports for further information

remove inscription.png                                         Remove inscription/ Scratch athlete