In the menu on the left side go to "Reports". Select "printouts" for the competition.
The printouts are sorted in General, Phases, Final.
On Top is General
It is sectioned from left to right into Competition (DT,Format,Receipts,...), Participants. Venue Event.

Below are the Phases.
For each round (Pools, direct elimination) a new section starts.
The rounds are sectioned from left to right into Preparation, Overview, Referees, Other printouts.

Below is Final.
It is sectioned from left to right into Results, Overview, Referees, Other printouts.

It is possible to get to the printout via the "printer" button on top of each competition on Dashboard.

It is possible to set up a report center where people can print the documents themselves, without the opportunity of changing something in the system.
To do that open the software without logging in and select "Print Center".
AN overview of all competitions opens.