Creation of rounds

Before creating rounds the format has to be entered. For that go to Format

There is a different between creating a round of pools or a direct elimination.

1. Round of pools.

On Dashboard select "Create round". 
Then there will be an overview of all pools. 
It is possible to change pools. Just drag the fencer and drop him in another pool.
The last row is the initial seeding. The number in front of the dot, in this example 1, is the priority of the ranking
and the number behind is the placing of the fencer in the ranking.
When changing the pools only switch fencers with similar ranking. If there is a 999 as placing it means the fencer is unseeded.
There may be red triangles behind a fencer. That means there are two fencers of the same nationality/club in a pool, depending on what is entered for seeding.
.Create pools.png
After checking the pools select "release seeding"

2. Direct elimination round

On Dashboard  select "Create Round"
It is possible to print out the direct elimination without releasing it. For that select