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There is a formula assistant or do it manual via "Manual formula":

1. Manual formula:

  1. Select "Manual formula"
  2. Select Add round of Pools.png or Add direct elimination.png depending on what is needed.
  3. Now there are the different settings for the pool or direct elimination. Please read the explanations on the right side.
  4. Redo steps 2 and 3 if more rounds are required.

2. Formula assistent:

The formula assistent has the most common Formats saved. 
Select the format, then there will be the settings for the different rounds.
Please read the explanations on the right side. When you entered settings for all rounds the format is done
Here are the most common formats explained:
Format Explanation
Pool, Table of 64 without repechage   
Pool, Table of 64 with repechage 64er_DE_With_Repechage.pdf
Pool, Table of 32 with repechage 32er_DE_With_Repechage.pdf
Pool, Table of 16 with repechage 16er_DE_With_Repechage.pdf
ABC Format ABC-Fomat.pdf