Upload registrations

There are two options to upload the registrations, depending if Ophardt Online was used or not.

First select "Upload registrations" onDashboard.

Please note that the registrations have to be uploaded separately for each competition, whether using Ophardt Online or not.

  1. Using Ophardt Online
    If Ophardt Online was used press Import Inscriptions from Ophardt Online.png.
    If it was successful, the participants are shown.

  2. Not using Ophardt Online
    The file, which has to be uploaded, has to be an XML file.
    To upload it select Choose File.png and  choose the correct file.
    Then press+Upload.png.
    If it was successful, the participants are shown .

    If there are referees in the XML check "import referees".
    Please do not check for FIE senior XML, as those files contains several hundreds of referees.