Time table

Time table overview.png

This is the overview of "Time table".
The upper part is for pools. Enter a start time and the duration. The end time will be calculated tomorrow.
Check the pistes and then "save".

The pistes are the actual piste, not the amount of pistes needed. If the matches should be on piste 5,6,7 then select 5,6,7.

Below are the rounds in chronological order. 

Press "End time to next section" to copy the end time to the next round automatically.
Press "End time and pistes to next section" to copy time and piste to the next round automatically.

Review for each section start time and duration.

When selecting "+5min"/"-5min" the time will change for the section and every following.

To verify the time table has no mistakes select "print DE" on top, it will print the direct elimination with times.