Team competitions

There are extra steps only needed for team competitions:

Entering Team members

To enter Team members go to participants
The buttons are the same as in an individual event, apart from Team member.png.
This button is for entering the team members. Enter the name and press "Register". Select the fencer and push the "+".

Draw Up and Down:

1. To draw up and down select Print DE Matches.png
Team Print.png
To draw up and down for all matches when clicking "Draw Team up and down (All)"
To print the team composition sheet select Team composotion sheets.png.
To enter the Team compositions select Team composition.png. The following opens

Enter Team composition.png

Enter them by selecting the arrow next to the name. Start with the lowest number, the reserve fencer in the end.
It is only possible to reset both sides by selecting reset.
It is requested to print with the "3x Print" button.
2. Teams.png
To draw up and down publicly select this button.
Team Up and Down.png
Select the cube to draw up and down.
Select the second cube to print the team composition sheets
When selecting "Team composition sheet (not started)" all composition sheets from not started bouts open.
When selecting "Team composition sheet (not finished)" all composition sheets from not finished bouts open.

Enter results

Enter them while using the scanner or via "Result per match"
Enter team 1.png
Enter team 2.png
Enter the results per match.
If a fencer was switched select Switch.png.
Select "Save".
Other team options, please be aware to run a test competitions before using it in a real tournament.
You may also handle teams by two or also 6 athletes. 
Please select "Format", then "Edit comeptition default values" and change the number of maximum hits, bouts, minimum and maximum of team members. You can also decide if you like to fence relay or by pairs. 
This is relevant for him and her tournaments for example.