Referee-Piste assignment

Piste assignment.png

This is the overview of Referee/Piste assignment when having matches to assign.

On the left are the matches, in the middle the referees, then the pistes and on the right the activated competitions.

If the referee is on a break there is a coffee cup by the name, if he already has matches she is orange and if he's is free green.

When a piste is red it is occupied, if green free.

Check the box beside a competition and select "refresh" to only show the matches of that competition.

To assign first check the matches, it is possible to select more than one, then the referee and at last the piste.
The score sheets will be generated automatically and will pop up.

Or check the matches and then the cube at the top, the software will assign a referee. Now select the piste.

If it was selected in the format to fence bigger pools on two piste select "2nd piste" then the pool and referee and then select "assign" and the second referee, the same pool and the second piste.

When selecting "small" in the column of the pistes two score sheets will be printed on one sheet.