The In-Venue-Displays are the displays in the competition area, on which the information regarding the competitions are shown.

It is possible to configure them via In-Venue-Display (Show) on the menu bar.

In-Venue-Display overview.png

This is the overview.

In-Venue-Display Create new.png

To create a display new select "create new".
To show the palmares of the fencers of a tableau select "Palmares" and then the tableau. You have to enter the palmares beforehand.

In-Venue-Display edit buttons.png

Edit: Edit the settings.

Delete: Delete the display

When creating a new display or editing one the settings will show up.
In-Venue-Display edit.png

Format: We advise to use the automatic mode, with this setting the display switches automatically to the newest information.
Switch in (seconds): the time in which the display switches the pages. We advise to use something between 8-10 seconds.
Competiton: Tick the box of the competition needed, it is possible to have more competitions on the display.

Description Command
Only one quarter on the display quarter=1(or 2,3,4, depending on which quarter should show)
A certain number of bouts will show size=4 (for example)

Pistes: Only necessary if the display should show the information from one piste. With a "-" in front of the number the display will be inverted.
Description: Here it is possible to enter a description. E.g. the area where the display is placed (foyer, back corner,..)

In-Venue-Display Colours.png
This are the different color options for the background of the monitor, select the color and the display opens.