Enter results

You can enter result in two different ways.

  1. Using the scanner
    Select "scanner", make sure that the textfield is selected. Scan the barcode of the score sheet or enter the number beneath it.
  2. With "Enter result"
    Select the button "Enter results" for pools or "Result per match" for direct elimination on Dashboard.

When scanning pools or selecting Enter results.png this shows up.

Enter the results at the right sight. 
V= Winner, P= Winner by priority, - = one field back, numbers for hits
When everything is entered press save. Then the overview will open again, check again and if everything is correct press "Mark result as checked".

DNS= Did not start, the fencer did not show at his piste.
DNS MED= The fencer did not start because of a medical reason.
DNF= Did not finish, the fencer did not finish his bout/pool for a not medical related reason.
DNF MED= The fencer did not finish because of a medical reason.
EXCL= exclusion because of black card
break= the fencer had a medical break, always enter the medical breaks they will be printed on the score sheets automatically.

When selecting Result per match.png this shows up:

Round result per match.png

This is the same order as on the score sheet.
Enter the results press enter or click the button on the right to safe the match. 
Use this with marathon pools.

When scanning direct elimination bouts or Edit DE result.png this shows up:

DE result.png

Enter the result and press enter.
MED= Did not finish because of medical reason
DNS= Did not start
DNF= Did not finish 
EXCL= exclusion because of black card
Medical break.png= medical because of injury