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The photos, pictures and logo are in the following folders:

  • Flags: var/www/fencing/web/bundles/ophardtbase/img/flags (jpg Size 90x60 pixel, mini-flags 48x32 pixel)
  • Competition and sponsor Logo: var/www/fencing/web/uploads/timages
  • Standard Ophardt Sponsor/Event Logo: var/www/fencing/web/img
  • Accreditation Header/Footer/Black/no_picture: var/www/fencing/web/img/acc
    the footers named as: Footer1.png and Footer2.png
    the header named as: Header1.png and Header2.png
    the Backround named as: Backround1.png and Backround2.png
    The png's are mandatory, if not needed please upload a small blanc png
  • Photos of athlete and accreditation photos: var/www/fencing/web/uploads/fimages (size 640x480 pixel)
  • Weapon Check masks: var/www/fencing/web/img/inspection/masks ( png size 936 x 1005 pixel - Update FIE 23.02.2018)
  • Weapon Check clothes: var/www/fencing/web/img/inspection/clothes (png size 936 x 829  - Update FIE 07.03.2018)
  • FIE sign: var/www/fencing/web/inspection
  • emtpy.png: var/www/fencing/web/img/inspection
  • Hochgeladene Veranstaltungs- und Urkunden jpg Dateien : var/www/fencing/web/uploads/timages