Touch:Live Scoring/Cyrano + Allstar-Uhlmann FMA21

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  1. Standard IP range Ophardt Server eno1.103 =, Port 50100
  2. Please do not plug RJ45  in until the setup has been done. 
  3. Select in Ophardt Touch under Settings the protocol FIE/Allstar  for each piste.
  4. For each piste an individual IP is given, please select the piste number at the scoringmachines.
    The IP will be defined according to the piste number. (PW 134241 - 4.2.4 Allstar Manual FMA-21)
    Handbuch Allstar Netzwerk und Inbetriebnahme FMA21, Manual  Allstar Network FMA21
  5. Connect the RJ45 cable  with the switch at eno.1.103 = Allstar/Uhlmann
  6. Connect the RJ45 cable  with the Scoringmachines.
  7. Start via Putty scoringmachines_on  at the server.
  8. All Scoringmachines should now connect automaticaly. 

Handling of Priority = P-card.
FN + shuffle, then cards (left or right) = set card

FN + Cards = reset of  card

FN + shuffle = Reset time of passivity