Manage Piste - Live Stream

Manage piste offers you an easy way to handle the setup of IP adress and to activate additional pistes. The installation include 64 pistes. The piste numbers 1-12 are active. The piste numbers 60-64 are prepared as final and colored pistes.

You may print hereScreenshot (345).pngan IP plan over all activate pistes.

Screenshot (336).png

You may delete pistes while selecting the bin Screenshot (339) 4.png, but please be aware that you can not add them later again.

Select  Screenshot (339) 1.png to deactivate  and Screenshot (339) 2.png  to activate pistes.

Please select edit Screenshot (339) 3.png to add details like colors, Live Stream links and important information to be displayed at

Setup of pistes for Live scoring:

For  the Live scoring please select the relevant scoring machine and take care that the IP adress is correct. Under edit you may change the IP adress to a different range if necessary. Please find here some examples. While selecting Screenshot (339) 5.png the IP adress will be canceled.

Screenshot (341).png

You may handle here  Screenshot (339) 3.png the setup of piste numbers and colors , add links for Live Stream, add information to be displayed at PLease be aware that the piste names needs to be unique.

Screenshot (337).png                                      Screenshot (338).png

The functions Procotol of the fencing apparatus, Color of the piste and the zone are predefined and drop down fields.

The zones are helpful for big events to split the pistes into several zones like: finals = Center Court, area 1 = Hall 1, area 2 = Hall 2.

This areas should be separated network areas. This can allow to disconnect areas if necessary.

Please add the embed Code for  the Livestream to transmit it with the results onto
The "spectators - followers" can see now tournament results, Live-scoring and / or Livestream on one website.

You may check and uncheck "Piste in pause"  if an issue happens for a long period of  time and the piste needs to be repaired.
Like this you may avoid to use the piste by mistake for example at Referee and piste assignment.