List of venues/events


GET /api/venues


Shows only confirmed, uncancelled events in Germany

Filter parameters:

Field Mand. Value
date-from no Show only events beginning after this date.
(Format: YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2018-12-31)
date-to no Show only events beginning before this date.
(Format: YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2018-12-31)
nation no Shows only events in this nation
NOC-Code of the nation (e.g. GER for Germany, HUN for Hungary etc.)
region no Shows only events in this region (makes only sense together with nation)
RegionalCode (e.g. WE for Westphalia in Germany)
city no Shows only events in a city containing the string
(e.g. London, Berlin, Paris)
Be aware that "city=ber" will list for example Berlin as well as Bermingham
confimed no Show only confirmed events (1) or unconfirmed events (0)
draft no Shows only events in draft mode (1) or not in draft mode = 0
cancelled no Shows only cancelled events (1) or events which have not been cancelled (0)


Field Type Value
venuetype String T for tournaments, L for courses
tid Integer ID of the event in this season
tcode Integer General ID of the event
tseason Integer First year of the season (e.g. 2017 for 2017/2018).
cityInternational String City (English)
cityNational String City (local language)
titleInternational String Event title (English)
titleNational String Event title (local language)
titlePrefix String Needs to prepend the title
titleSuffix String Needs to append the title
titleNumbering Integer Number of the event (e.g. 14 for the 14th John Doe Memorial Tournament)
titleYear Integer Year appended to the title (e.g. 2018 for "Somewhere Championships 2018")
continent String Continent code, e.g. "eu" for Europe, "af" for Africa
nation String

NOC Code, e.g. GER for Germany

region String

Regional code, e.g. NR for North rhine

dateStart Date

start date

dateEnd Date

end date

onlineinscription Boolean

Online inscription possible

liveresultOphardt Boolean

Uses Ophardt Live

liveresultExternal URL

Website with live results (not Ophardt Live)

website URL

Official website

invitationExternal URL

URL of external invitation

invitationInternal Integer

ID of the invitation, empty if no invitation is available on Ophardt Online

confirmed Boolean

Event is confirmed

cancelled Boolean

Event is cancelled

draft Boolean

The date or place of this event will likely change in the future

Single venue/event:


GET /api/venue/{id}

{id} must be replaced by the tid of the event


Shows venue with the id 1

Filter parameters:

Field Mand. Value


The same as list of venues / events