List of competitions


GET /api/venue/{id}/competitions

{id} must be replaced by the tid of the event


Shows all competitions of the event with tid 1


Field Type Value
tid Integer ID of the event in this season
cid Integer ID of this competition (unique in each season)
ccode Integer ID of the competition (identical for all seasons)
dayofcompetition Integer Day of competition (relative to first day of the event)
dayofcontinuation Integer The day relative to the first day of the event when the competition will be continued (e.g. T64 on a second day)
dayofequipmentcheck Integer The day relative to the first day of the event when the equipment check will start (can be negative)
ageclass_id Integer ID of the ageclass
ageclass_name String Name of the ageclass (e.g. Seniors) - localized
ageclass_shortname String Shortname of the ageclass (e.g. U17)
gender_id Integer ID of the gender
gender_name String Name of the gender (e.g. Female) - localized
gender_shortname String Shortname of the gender (e.g. F)
discipline_id Integer ID of the discipline
discipline_name String Name of the discipline (e.g. "Epee") - localized
discipline_shortname String Shortname of thediscipline (e.g. E)
subclass String Additional class of the competiton (e.g. A,B,C for wheelchair fencing)
entryfee Decimal Entry fee
currency String Currency code (e.g. EUR)
entryfee2 Decimal Entry fee for the second currency if applicable
currency2 String Currency code (e.g. EUR) for the second currency if appliCABLE
maxParticipants Integer Quota (if applicable)