To experience a smooth tournament/competition, follow these steps in order:

If there are questions concerning the booking of tournaments please go to: Ophardt Touch

  1. Add rankings in Ophardt Online
    By adding the rankings into Ophardt Online beforehand they will load automatically into the software while activating the tournament.
    The following steps have to be done for each competition of a tournament.
    1. To do that login to and select trough "My federation" "My tournaments".
    2. Search for the needed tournament and press "competitions" rankings add Ophardt Onlin.png
    3. Now there is an overview of all competitions in the tournament.
      Click on Rankings Ophardt Online.png. If it is green there is already added a ranking for this competition.
    4. Press the green "+" button. Then there is an overview of rankings, search the one you want to add and press the "+" in front of it. Now it is added.

  2. Enter of DT
    Please enter the DT for the tournament, print it and post it. This is important because if someone has a problem they know to whom to speak.
    1. In the Ophardt Touch software go to "Format".
    2. On the top of the page are two buttons Edit Event.png and Edit compettition.png
      If the DT is entered in "Edit event" it will be added in each competition, if in "Edit competition" only in that competition.
    3. Search for "Technical directory and commission members"
      Add the names of the competition manager and, if present, the referee delegate.