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Touch Fencing:Manual/Settings

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# Data Updates<br />Update the  data sets before each tournament. It may take a while depending on the intervals of the updates and the internet connection.<br />This is necessary because Ophardt Touch works with your local database, not within the internet, and the data sets change often, especially "Athletes" and "Rankings".<br />Without updating "Tournaments", the booked tournamets will not show and the rankings added in Ophardt Online will not update.<br /><br />
# [[Settings/Manage Piste - Live Stream|Manage Piste - Live Stream]]
# Rankings import<br />If the rankings are false, it is possible to upload a json file. <br />The json file can be downloaded in Ophardt Online. Here the link to the manual: [[Online:Administration/Rankings|Rankings]].<br />To upload the file push  [[Datei:Choose_File.png|61x25px]]  and select the file then click .
# Settings users<br />Here it is possible to add and edit users and give them different rights within your software version.<br />To do that click the green "+" at the top. Then enter the name and password. It is necessary to enter an email address.<br />Then select the rights needed and push "save".<br /><span style="color: #ff0000;">Be aware, if you forget the passwords and can not log in, you need to download the database of your software again and all settings will be gone.</span>