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Please upload the tournament results as digital file (xml, csv) and also as PDF documentation. 
It is also possible to enter results manualy.

Please handle the result upload under my club / my tournaments or my federation / my tournaments.

my tournaments

Select the Cup results cup for the tournament you want to upload the results. The system will match all athletes by ID's as far as possible.

Result upload

1) Upload xml from Ophardt Touch ( or other FIE approved Fencing software) with the box on top.
Please select the file on your own PC and just choose Upload Upload. If Athletes can not be matched  directly the system will ask you to do so. Please  see the page Match athletes.

2) Upload csv in the following format

and please only the results and no head line.


3) Upload a documentation as PDF file.

For any correction please use the edit button. You may also add results here manualy like in the example then select addresult
result manualy

Please do not forget to save the results and select once recalculate. On the right side of  your sreen information message will be shown which rankings will be recalculate.